Stories of Interchange – Meet Shay!

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I would like a paid job and to be able to go on holiday by myself.

About a year ago Shay moved out of her mother’s house. She wanted to live her own life and make her own decisions. Shay is now self-sufficient and living independently. With a little support, she manages her own laundry, shopping, cleaning and meal preparation.

Shay’s also made significant progress towards managing her finances and now feels confident paying for things by herself. Shay initially received overnight support from Interchange in her home, to help her feel comfortable and safe. However, at her request, the overnight support has been withdrawn, as she now feels secure and happy in the house by herself.

Shay enjoys spending time with her support workers and meeting up with family at the weekends. She also loves exploring activities in her local community, such as Catch Music and participating in a cookery group.

Shay maintains a supported volunteer role every Monday at Anglicare . She’s created some great relationships there and feels part of the team.

Shay is a very kind and caring person who considers how other people feel. She has a great sense of humour, which she likes to share. Shay has gone through major changes recently with admirable resilience. In the future, she would like some transport training so she can build confidence and feel safe to go places by herself. Shay would also like to take on the responsibility of a pet.

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