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The Royal Commission is a formal inquiry established under the Royal Commissions Act 1902. It is the highest form of inquiry on matters of public importance in Australia.

In April 2019 the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability was established. This happened in response to concerns about widespread reports of violence against, and the neglect, abuse, and exploitation of people with disability. Behaviours people with disability are more likely to experience than people who do not have a disability.

All the places where people with disability receive services and support, including organisations such as schools, workplaces, businesses, prisons, disability service providers and charities, are being investigated.

The Disability Royal Commission aims to:

  • prevent and protect people with disability from experiencing violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • achieve best practice in reporting, investigating, and responding to violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of people with disability.
  • promote a more inclusive society that supports people with disability to be independent and live free from violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


The Royal Commission is important for disability services providers like us. As an organisation committed to ongoing improvement, we see the Royal Commission as an opportunity to listen, learn and look at how we can continue to improve and ensure the safeguarding of the people we support.

We welcome the opportunity to participate in and support the Royal Commission. We are committed to engaging openly and transparently, and to responding to any requests in a timely manner.

We encourage our employees, people with disability, families, supporters and the general public, to expose wrong doings and alert the authorities if you have any concerns. Together we can protect vulnerable people, ensure their safety and build a community where we all feel valued and where Everyone Belongs.” – Nicki Dyson, Executive Manager People & Culture Interchange WA

If you see something or have a concern about neglect or abuse, unethical, illegal, fraudulent, or undesirable conduct please help by saying something. We ensure you can report a concern without fear of intimidation, disadvantage, or reprisal. We will treat your concerns confidential, and you can choose for your report to remain anonymous.

You can call us on (08) 9329 9399, email or report a concern HERE


If you have any concerns for your own safety, or for others, act now.

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