We Think You Are Awesome – Ainsley Swankie

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Ainsley Swankie, Interchange’s passionate Midland Neighbourhood Team Leader has been nominated by TWO fellow staff members this month, as well as being recognised by the Department of Communities for her dedication to the people we support. 

Ainsley is recognised by those around her for her selfless determination and tireless efforts to improve the quality of life for the people we support, and the Midland team who support them. Ainsley has been nominated for helping people in need in her personal time, working with multiple stakeholders, and giving 110% of her energy to ensuring the wellbeing of those around her is priority. Despite he full on schedule, Ainsley never stops having a laugh with her team and the people they support, or being too busy to give them her time. This is reflected in Stephen Hawking’s motto she lives life by: “life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”  

Told she had the knack and personality to be in the disability sector, Ainsley made her way from Support Worker to Support Coordinator, to Team Leader over the six years she has been part of the Interchange family. Ainsley is driven by seeing people achieve their goals, and advocating for those who may not be able to express themselves independently. Recently, Ainsley has been a strong support in assisting a young lady transition into living within a Host Arrangement, and dedicates much of her time checking in and ensuring she is happy. 

Ainsley’s work ethic can be summed into this message: “don’t judge a book by its cover”, translating to “don’t judge a person by their disability”. To Ainsley, the biggest part of the word ‘disability’ is ‘ability’, focusing on what people can do by encouraging and pursuing strengths, rather than focusing on what people are restricted by. A strong believer in the Interchange mission, values and vision, Ainsley thanks the organisation for providing opportunities to learn, and the support to do so. 

When not being awesome at Interchange, Ainsley enjoys relaxing at home with her partner, family, and animals. Recently, she has purchases an ex-racehorse, Syd, who has been keeping her busy! Passionate about horses, Ainsley has even driven winners at Gloucester Park (harness racing).  

Thank you for being a non-stop superstar for the people we support, Ainsley! We think you are awesome!