We think you are Awesome – Amanda Crawford

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Amanda Crawford has been with Interchange for almost 10 years, and never ceases to impress the people we support, their families and guardians, and the Interchange team around her.

Nominated by Yvonne, a foster parent of one of the people we support in Rockingham, Amanda has taken the role of Key Support to the next level. In the dynamic environment we support in created by the NDIS, Amanda has self-initiated support worker meetings, training sessions, follow-ups, check-ins and even made accommodations to vehicles (e.g. putting in a picnic table into the vehicle should the person we support be at a park where there was nothing available for him to use). Talk about person-centred and proactive.

People grieve differently, and after a tragic family event, the person we support was struggling to process his grief. Yvonne attributes his recovery to the supports provided by Interchange, especially Amanda. Through Amanda, and the Rockingham team efforts, he has gained 10kg through consistent mealtime routine, and is no longer deemed underweight.

When support superstar Amanda was asked why she chose to work in the sector, Amanda responded It’s just something that I have always wanted to do.” She is driven by seeing the smile of achievement on the faces of those she supports, and acknowledges it takes all different kinds of people to make the world go around, and everyone is a bit quirky. Bringing diversity to a person’s mini-team provides a multi-talented support network who have their own strengths to help people achieve their goals.

To Amanda, the Rockingham team is like family – everyone has each other‘s backs. A “glass-is-half-full” kinda gal, Amanda isn’t afraid to have a go, and support someone – anyone – when they need it. She is always the first port of call with new staff, and teaching them the tricks of the trade. 

When not being awesome at Interchange, Amanda enjoys spending time with family, travelling around the world, and hanging out with friends. 

Thank you for being a mentor to everyone, Amanda – We think you are Awesome!