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It is incredibly fulfilling, reading Executive Managers Annette Frazer’s intentions, goals and achievements. We are grateful being able to share her story with you and shine some light on why we think she is awesome!

“Nothing is too hard – there is always a way.”,

Annette says, is her life motto and how truly awesome is that? Being part of the sector for the past 23 years, we feel very lucky that she joined the Interchange team, two years ago. Annette fits right in, with her desire to see everyone getting a chance to do what they want, within their capability.

Her role of being the support, for those supporting people with disability, she wants to provide Interchange’s staff with the resources to be able to execute their job to the best of their abilities. To make life better for the people we support.

Not only her team’s mindset, of seeing every day’s challenges as chances and opportunities, Annette also really enjoys the overall friendly atmosphere on the job. She says:

“In the past two years, working at Interchange, I have seen growth, development and a whole lot of passion.”

When things get very busy or not quite the way they were planned, Annette loves that her and her team can still handle the situation well and even have a laugh.

Something Annette would like to say to other people, regarding people with disability is, that everyone can do something and not to discount someone because they are different.

If Annette is not at work doing an awesome job, she is gardening, traveling with her newly acquired campervan or watching forensic shows. Most important to her is her family and their dog and she loves to celebrate – with a cider in her hand.


Thank you, Annette – We Think You Are Awesome!

Our awesome staff bring passion and commitment to their vital roles. We think they are amazing – but the best feedback is always the one coming directly from you.

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