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We have to recognise that everyone is doing the best they can with the bodies and minds they’ve been given, and so everyone’s “best” looks different … and that’s okay.” – Anthea Fletcher

Anthea with her beloved dog

Anthea Fletcher from our Spearwood Neighbourhood, has been recognised and nominated by a fellow team mate for her individualised approach to support and taking a genuine interest in the lives of the people she supports.

In 2005, after her youngest child started school, Anthea was itching to get back into the workforce and attended a Disability Support Information Session. Anthea was moved by the presenter’s words, who did not sugarcoat or overhype the kind of work involved but presented the opportunity to make a real change in people’s lives by supporting them through whatever came their way. Anthea couldn’t help but sign up.

For the next 11 years, I worked in various group homes supporting people with a wide range of support needs. I felt that I was well suited to this role and recognised it as a privilege to contribute to the well-being (physical, mental or emotional) of other human beings.”

Anthea notes that this goes both ways. Every time a customer makes her smile or feel good about herself, she realises they are contributing to her wellbeing, just as much as she hopes to contribute to theirs. Anthea’s words of wisdom include mindfulness around how our actions impact others. The Support Worker has an amazing way of seeing abilities and qualities in others and sharing them with the world. 

All of us have a contribution to make. You may be wheelchair-bound, non-verbal, and in the habit of using challenging behaviours to try and communicate, but when you make someone grow in compassion, understanding and acceptance, then you’ve contributed.”

Anthea’s motto in life, and work, is to always see the best in people, and allow yourself to be blind to the qualities that they need to improve on, so people can develop in their own time and when they are ready. Anthea completely understands personal development and how to support a person to build capacity and independence. This is definitely reflected in her second motto: “keep the flow happening” which involves the flow of information (learning and improving) but also housework, as Anthea helpfully points out to her 21 year old daughter.

The washing isn’t completed once you’ve put it in the machine and turned it on. You also have to hang it out bring it in and put it away. You need to look at the entire process rather than each step.”

When not being awesome, full of wisdom and monk-like patience, Anthea enjoys being in the garden and reading both fiction and non-fiction books. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Anthea! Keep up the great work in supporting people to grow and achieve their goals.

We think you are AWESOME!