We Think You Are Awesome – Bruce Buddrige

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It is a very powerful message Bruce is sharing with us today and we are thankful for his work, as a Support Worker, here at Interchange WA.

It is his patience, his calmness, and his words of encouragement, towards the people he supports, what made him be recognised as part of our ‘I Think You Are Awesome’ employee recognition program.

Bruce is a motorbike enthusiast and enjoys playing pc games with his friends and family. He also likes creating small electronic projects, has an interest in radio control cars and getting creative with his photography skills.

Truly important to Bruce are his family (although his two-year-old son does not approve of his dance skills) and meaningful social connections. He heavily values the empowerment of the individual through understanding, independence, and interdependence.

Having been with Interchange since finishing his Certificate III in Disability, in 2014, Bruce mentions that Interchange shares his personal values on social inclusion and empowering people to take control of their life.

“Social inclusion is very important to me. The disability sector enables me to empower others so they can connect and grow in their everyday life.”

He enjoys working in the disability sector as he appreciates being able to be a part of another person’s life and to share a day, where both of them learn and re-enforce social connections. It is a truly beautiful spirit, Bruce brings to his job, and it is much more than just that as he grows with it daily. Bruce noticed, that the more he learned about himself, customers and society, the more he realises, how little he actually knew and that there is always something to uncover.

He finds important sharing with others, that it is not the tasks we do, it’s about how we do them and who we share them with, what creates a meaningful position in life.

‘What is your life motto’, we want to know from Bruce.

“Shut up and listen!” he says, “People will tell you what you need to know, when they know you are truly listening.“

Thank you, Bruce – We Think You Are Awesome! 

Our awesome staff bring passion and commitment to their vital roles. We think they are amazing – but the best feedback is always the one coming directly from you.

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