We Think You Are Awesome – James Fallah

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“Choosing to work in the disability sector is one of the best decisions I have ever made.” 

James Fallah has been nominated for his professionalism, commitment & advocacy attributes by fellow Osborne Park team mates. Described as someone with a positive attitude, James is always willing to help out at a moments’ notice.

James has been part of the Interchange family for about 5 years, and for him the organisation and the things we do stand out because we are putting our motto “Everyone belongs” into action every single day. 

When asked what drew him to the Disability sector, James replied it was his fascination with the system; aims, purpose and agenda, all reflecting his beliefs of everyone deserving a fair go, and a quality life – regardless of their humanitarian status.

James’s approach to support is simple: keep an open mind as everyone’s life context is different, and having goals to strive toward. It is important to James that people are not judgemental toward people living with disabilities, to get to know the person, and understand the diversity of beliefs around us. Respect is key.

When not being awesome at Interchange, James enjoys hanging out with his family, taking his kids out, reading books (honourable mention to Harry Potter) and creative writing.

Thank you for your comprehensive and driven approach to support work, James – We think you are AWESOME!