We Think You Are Awesome – Judith Obai

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This nomination comes from the testimony of Djulija, an awesome superstar we support at our Midland Neighbourhood! You can’t beat the feedback that comes directly from our customers.

Dj nominates Judith Obai, a compassionate and caring support worker, for going above and beyond to make Dj feel comfortable, and assist when needed. Judith has also been recognised by Dj’s family for her exceptional communication skills, checking in with the family each support day and giving a thorough handover. Judith has built a strong bond with not only Dj, but the family, making Dj’s wellbeing and enjoyment a team effort. 

Migrating from Kenya to Australia in January 2012, Judith celebrates her 1 year anniversary with Interchange, and acknowledges the journey has been tumultuous, but rewarding. Through trial and effort Judith has mastered the way of de-escalating and calming people in person-centred ways. This brings her confidence in her day-to-day experiences with Interchange. Judith’s passion is to see every individual happy. She was drawn to the disability sector to spread that passion to anyone who felt marginalised by their disability. Not only is Judith encouraged by providing support to the people who benefit most, she is also motivated by seeing the joy family members experience upon seeing how their loved ones grow and gain confidence. 

Judith’s message to people in regards to people with disabilities is straightforward.

If we took time to listen and understand the people we support, or any disabled person in our lives, we could earn and gain a lot of wisdom as they have lived the experience.” 

When Judith is not being awesome at Interchange, she enjoys spending time with family, hiking with friends, as well as dancing, yoga, massage, and pilates. Judith keeps physically and spiritually healthy, with her belief in God. A busy woman, she is well travelled, but stays grounded with her lovely partner, daughter and son. 

Thank you for being an inspiration to us all, Judith!  We think you are awesome!