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Lisa (left) and her Employee Experience Team.

Meet Employee Experience Team Manager Lisa!

She has started with Interchange 1.5 years ago and has already brought buckets full of positive change, contributions and up and foremost so much motivation to the team.

In case you did not know, Lisa can sing! She sings in a choir and also loves being outdoors. As she lives close to the beach, she has set a goal for the summer, to get into the sea, every day! Wow! She is not inspired by a single person but by boss babes in general. She loves hearing about independent women succeeding in life and loves stories of those who may not have all the luck or good starts and smashing their goals regardless – proving people wrong!

If there is something that she cannot deal with it’s when people are unkind.

Really important to me is kindness. You can do everything in life, in a kind way – there is never a reason to be unkind, impolite, or unhelpful.

Lisa is an empowerment advocate and enjoys the team spirit of her TEET group. They catch up daily and support each other in everything they do.

Empowerment is a huge part of my team’s role. We want to ensure that people feel empowered in their roles, trusted and treated like adults in a humanistic way. This then helps us to be respectful, feel like we belong and show our individuality.

Lisa enjoys working at Interchange, she sees that everyone has a story and everyone has a place, a place where they belong.

We respect everyone’s quirkiness, and we strive to do things better or differently with our values in mind.

Something we certainly did not know but find incredibly interesting about Lisa is that she is a classically trained Welsh opera singer, she is also 155cm tall though cannot touch her toes! So keep stretching! Keep stretching!


Thank you, Lisa. We think you are awesome!


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