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Lynne with her beloved family dog Daisy.

Meet Lynne, the superstar behind everything finance at Interchange.  

Unless you’ve had the pleasure of bumping into Lynne at Head Office, or your role at Interchange involves the financial side of our support provision, you may not know who this silent saint is.  

Lynne joined Interchange nearly two years ago to cover a fellow Interchanger’s maternity leave. During this time, she has been an integral pillar of support to the success of our alternative services of Host Arrangements, Home Sharer, Shared Management and Plan Management initiatives. Anyone who’s worked in this area has come to rely on Lynne, and knows this is by no means an easy or simple area to navigate, especially with changes to the NDIS. But Lynne has always assisted in any way she can in a calm, and professional manner. Her desire to contribute to the team and help others is what drew her to the sector in the first place, and it is no wonder her work motto is “hard work and attention to detail”, especially working in finance.

Lynne was nominated by fellow team members for her patience and guidance through some fairly complex financial workings over the past few months. Though she may not think they were as complex as we did! The Finance Star is appreciated for her financial expertise in creating Service Agreements for our customers, and ensuring the funding we have covers the support our customers want. Despite having a lot of her own work to do, Lynne is always willing to help others and is an absolute joy to talk to. 

When taking a break from thinking about numbers and spreadsheets, Lynne’s taken the time to enjoy some rather daring activities. These include a 900km walk across Spain, swimming with sharks in South Africa, as well as riding her motorbike. But when pursuing some tamer activities, Lynne loves spending quality time with her family (including Daisy the dog) and her granddaughters who Lynne describes affectionately as bringing her joy whenever she’s with them. 

Sadly, Lynne’s time with us is coming to an end soon as she looks forward to retirement and the opportunity to spend more time with her family. We will dearly miss you, Lynne, and thank you for your hard work and dedication over the past two years. It has been an absolute pleasure and we hope you’ll zoom past on your motorbike to say “hello!” sometime in the future. 

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