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Support Worker Madeline Fraser with her partner and son
Support Worker Madeline Fraser with her partner and son

Madeline Fraser from our Spearwood Neighbourhood started her student work placement with Interchange over a year ago and has now been a support worker with us since July 2019. Madeline has been nominated for our iThink You Are Awesome Campaign for “going the extra mile to make a fellow team member feel valued and appreciated.”  

Madeline and a few other ladies from our Spearwood Neighbourhood coordinated a farewell lunch for a fellow team member in their own time. They cooked an incredible feast to be enjoyed by staff as well as the people we support at Manning Park. Everyone truly appreciated this gesture and had a fantastic time on the day. Thanks Ladies! 

Madeline’s motto is keep on moving forward and don’t look back, the road is out there for you to make not followThe young mother also has some aspiring goals in life – making a change in the world and improve our future. Considering her outlook on life working with people with disabilities was an obvious choice for her. 

 I have always wanted to help and care for people. Empowering others and seeing what they can achieve is truly rewarding. I like to see everyone in this world have a fair and equal chance in this race we call life without any boundaries. 

Madeline truly enjoys working for Interchange because she never really feels like she is at work. She appreciates accompanying the customers to their daily activities, enjoying themselves while also working on their independence and social skills. 

 “There is never a dull day. We are having fun together and it feels so good to see how genuine and happy the people we support are to see us and to go out into the community together, enjoying the day and building capacity.” 

Madeline would like to pursue her career and become a registered nurse in the future. Until then we are glad to have you on board Madeline. You have a heart of gold and We Think You Are AWESOME!  

By the way, Madeline’s two-year-old son thinks so as well and enjoys going for walks, swimming, or adventuring out in nature with his super awesome mum who is awesome all around. 

We think they are AWESOME! Do you?

We couldn’t do the things we do without our dedicated staff. Passionate Interchangers are the heart of our organisation, going above and beyond to help the people we support to live a good life.

The best feedback for our staff is the one coming directly from you. That’s why we have our iThink you are Awesome campaign. You can now nominate your support staff by writing an email to hello@interchangewa.org.au and we take it from there.