We Think You Are Awesome – Mandy Daniel

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Mandy Daniel was nominated by a fellow staff member for her kind-heartedness and selfless generosity toward the people we support and team by organising a farewell lunch for a longstanding staff member. The Support Worker secretly invited the whole Spearwood Neighbourhood, cooked up a storm and gave staff and the people we support a chance to say their farewells. 

Mandy has been with Interchange for almost 9 years and enjoys that we are a very family-oriented organisation. Not only do we have many long-standing staff members in our ranks, but we also support family members. In Mandy’s case, we are supporting her 23-year-old son in our Rockingham Neighbourhood. With the help of his Support Workers, Christopher recently made a dream come true and started his own microbusiness Chris’ Gardening Services. It’s an incredible feeling for Mandy that her son with the help of Interchange found something he is truly passionate about.

Not many people know this about Mandy, but she lives with a disability herself, and this is what drew her to working passionately in the sector. What she enjoys about her role as a Support Worker is encouraging people that their goals can be reached, and to spread the word that people living with a disability have lives that are full of joy, laughter, and achievements.

Her motto in life is “live life like you have no tomorrow”, which can be seen in Mandy’s approach to supporting people. There is never a dull moment, and Mandy and the people she supports are all smiles when you see them out and about.

Mandy is also a passionate photographer and has on many occasions encouraged this hobby in the people we support. Customers enjoyed their little photography lessons and took incredible pictures of flowers, wildlife or friends and family while Mandy offered tips and advice.

In her downtime, the free spirit enjoys pottering around her lovely native garden at home, often receiving visits from local Kangaroos. Every Moment is valuable to Mandy as “life is precious, and should be appreciated every day.”

We thank you for your dedication to everyone at Interchange, Mandy!  We think you are AWESOME!