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Michelle with her husband and her two gorgeous sons, enjoying a day out and about.
Michelle with her husband and her two sons, enjoying a day out and about.

I love what I do, so every morning I am looking forward to coming to work!

Michelle has been with Interchange for over 3 years, and she feels like this is the place where she belongs. During her time on the scheduling team at Interchange, she was able to collect a lot of hands-on experience. Michelle has learned new software techniques and built confidence with her team, customers and their families. Understanding everyone’s needs better over time makes her a great Scheduler and she is assisting where possible to ensure everyone is looked after properly. She truly enjoys creating a positive impact on people’s lives.

Even though I do not support our customers directly as a Scheduler, I still feel like I can help and support them to be independent and confident in the community by rostering the right Support Worker.

Individuality and Respect are the two values closest to her heart as valuing people’s choices is something she works hand in hand with all day long.

When Michelle is not doing awesome work at Interchange she likes to spend time with the people she loves the most – her family. She is an adventurous and sensitive person who is very interested in Astrophotography.

Imagining an object deep in the sky has something very peaceful to me.

Thank you, Michelle. We think you are awesome!

Our awesome staff bring passion and commitment to their vital roles. We think they are amazing – but the best feedback is always the one coming directly from you.

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