We Think You Are Awesome – Subhash Chander

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I want my work to mean something and have an impact. When I go home at the end of the day, I feel like I made a valuable contribution to someone’s life.”

Subhash with his wife and two beautiful kids.

Meet Subhash Chander – Team Leader at our Spearwood Neighbourhood. Subhash has been nominated by his staff for being an “incredible Team Leader, who constantly impresses with great leadership skills through guidance and support to the staff on his teams, our customers and their families.”

Subhash has been a valued member of Interchange for the past 9 years and is truly appreciated by everyone. He always has an open ear, is understanding, compassionate, and never fails to motivate his team with his open and outgoing personality. If you ever visit the Spearwood Neighbourhood and hear a room roaring with laughter, chances are high that you will find Subhash in the midst of it.

I like to motivate others and thrive on social contact. I love helping people. Living a good life and assisting others to do so is a blessing.”

Subhash didn’t always plan on joining the disability sector. Back in India, he worked as a Bio-Medical Engineer. When coming to Australia more than 10 years ago, he couldn’t find work and decided to study Community Welfare. Subhash did his student placement with Interchange and absolutely fell in love with the job. We were equally impressed, and Subhash soon started working full time for Interchange and never looked back.

A few years down the track I got an offer to work in the biomedical sector, but I declined. Supporting people has become such a strong part in my life and I love my job.”

Subhash encourages everyone around him to give something back to their community if they get the chance. He says everyone deserves to have a good life and sometimes a little support goes a long way.

When not leading and encouraging his team to do the best support work they can Subhash loves to spend time with his beautiful family, social outings, and teaches us yoga, which he is absolutely brilliant in.

Thank you, Subhash, for your passion and dedication – We Think You Are Awesome!