We Think You Are Awesome – Tim Hill

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Support Worker Tim Hill with his favorite companion.

Some days, we are chefs, builders, landscapers, divers, personal trainers, events organisers…Some days we are counsellors, big brothers or sisters, hairdressers, scientists, teachers… and sometimes, we’re even support workers.

This amazing quote comes from Tim Hill, a superstar from the Rockingham Neighbourhood who came from humble beginnings as a TAFE student on a work experience placement roughly three years ago. Tim joined the Interchange family with an optimistic attitude and an open mind, eventually becoming to feel like he belonged in the industry. Eager to meet any challenge and adapt to any role with a positive outlook, it is no wonder Tim was nominated by a fellow team member for his diligence as a Support Worker and Peer Mentor.

It is easy to see how Tim succeeds in whatever he does and how he is appreciated by team members, the people he supports, and their families and caregivers. Living by one golden rule – treat others how you would like to be treated – Tim acknowledges that people more or less think the same way, and people living with a disability are no different. 

Tim attributes his style to supporting others as a result of learning from the Interchange veterans holding years of experience, and the fresh faces bringing in innovative ideas and creative ways to support others to the table. When asked what he enjoys most about Interchange, Tim praised the team he works with.  

 They are always willing to share advice and help when others need it.

While not coining any of his own mottos, Tim shares a couple that have stuck in his mind over the years. From Jiddu Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”, promoting thinking for yourself, and removing yourself from mob mentality.

Another philosophical, food-for-thought motto is from Phelps: “People are selfish to think they matter”, which Tim notes if you disagree with this by default, the everyone matters, just as much as you do – a value we see in Tim’s approach to support work, as well as team work. 

When not being a flexible all-rounder and expanding our minds with philosophy, Tim enjoys socialising with friends and family inside, and outside of Interchange. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Tim honed his cooking and chess skills, as well as dabbling in some gardening, no doubt preparing himself for future support work. He also has a passion for snorkelling, skating, photography and filming. 

Thank you for being a positive and active contributor to anywhere you go, Tim! We think you are AWESOME!