We Think You Are Awesome – Vanessa French

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We are all human beings and we are all different in our own way  and everyone  deserves respect an kindness.

Those are the wise words of support legend Vanessa French who has been nominated by her Rockingham team, based on the great feedback from a person she and fellow team member Suzanne support.

Vanessa and Suzanne have been so amazing and supportive. I am so grateful to have them helping me and if other staff are anything like them, Interchange are very lucky to have such amazing staff. 

Vanessa began her Interchange journey almost 2 years ago and is well known for going above and beyond her job role. She is a great communicator, always keeping her Team Leader up to date and working closely together with her mini-team, debriefing and sharing strategies for the best support possible. Vanessa tailors her support to each individual according to evidence-based practice, including sourcing suitable therapeutic services and making sure the person’s goals are being followed.

 I  love  to see people with  a disability succeed at their goals and  be included  in our community and truly enjoy the joy and happiness everyday interactions and community inclusion bring to the people we support. 

When not being awesome at Interchange, Vanessa enjoys spending time with her two young son’s, family and friends following her motto in life – Be Kind. Be Brave. Know your worth and take no rubbish. 

Thank you for your dedicated and person-centred approach to support work, Vanessa. We think you are AWESOME!