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📣 Hot Off The Press 📣 – Annual Report 2019

Our Annual Report Booklet just arrived and we are super excited about all the great things you, our staff and this organisation have achieved in the past year. To find out more about Natasha's upcoming 21st birthday party, Shay's great holiday plans or Joel's winning bowling streak read on!
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Thoughts about Dedifferentiation

When should I advocate for the uniqueness of a person or a situation, and when do I insist that they be treated or viewed the same as everyone else? - Thoughts about Dedifferentiation by Linda Oliver
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Focus on your strengths & be yourself: life according to Michael Gray

In many ways, Michael Gray is your typical 21 year old guy. He loves music, socialising and gaming, and he...
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Interchange team member ‘stands out above all others’

We already know we have the best staff going around, but it is a delight when other people notice too!...
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Guest blogger: Chris Stuhmcke on Positive Behaviour Support frameworks

Positive Behaviour Support and Restrictive Practices - a personal perspective of working in Queensland and WA
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Nadine on Patrol

Interchange Mandurah customer Nadine has just started work experience at the Mandurah Recreation & Acquatic Centre, where she is undertaking...
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