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Duty of care and the Dignity of Risk

The elimination of restrictive practices is a sector-wide focus that needs ongoing discussion. The three key terms to note are safeguarding, PBS and (the elimination of) restrictive practices.
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Thoughts about Dedifferentiation

When should I advocate for the uniqueness of a person or a situation, and when do I insist that they be treated or viewed the same as everyone else? - Thoughts about Dedifferentiation by Linda Oliver
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Values at the forefront of new chapter for Interchange

This is my last blog as I am leaving Interchange to take a break and seek new opportunities in the social sector. I have been CEO of Interchange for exactly ten years now and so, after also celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year
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NDIS squandering sector good will

There is an old Jewish saying: The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath. The same goes for technology. It can either improve and enrich our humanity or else disrupt and distance us from true community.
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Disability: a rights issue, not a charity case

Having recently celebrated the ten year work anniversary of two of my staff, I can’t help but think how much Interchange has changed over the last decade. Back then, we only had ten staff and 30 clients.
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