Love Beyond the Job Role

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Love Beyond the Job Role – Kate & Taylor’s (Love-)Story 


When Kate and Taylor first met in their Team Leader’s office 7 years ago, there was an instant spark! Who would have known that fast forward those seven years, they would have a beautiful baby girl together and are about to get married! 

This story is about meeting someone on the job, who you share values with, connect with and ultimately fall in love with. Is Interchange a place where you can find love? Well, I guess after meeting Kate and Taylor, the answer is yes. *hehe*

Kate joined Interchange in 2013, Taylor 4 years later, they are now both part of the Rockingham team, which they describe as part of their ‘family’. The fact that they both work in the same industry, yet even the same organisation, helps them connect about their job and confine each other in most aspects of their day-to-day life. 

Above all else, they are best friends and understand each other better than anyone else: 

We both love how much we put our hearts into everything we do. Dedication and compassion are what we value most about one another.

Kate and Taylor also love seeing their work and dedication come to life. When their customers achieve their goals and independence, it fills them with pride and joy.

Interchange wishes the three of you, all the love and happiness in the world. And we cannot wait to see those wedding photos!

Taylor, Kate and Bailey.

If you would like to find love… erm.. a meaningful role within an organisation that cares then join us in our mission to support people with disability to live a good life!