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Bryce and his beloved dog Molly live in a wonderful and loving home with his companion Maureen, her husband and adult son. It’s clear that he approaches almost everything with a great sense of humour and is quick to correct people when they refer to football as soccer. An Arsenal devotee, there’s nothing he loves more than sitting in the comfort of his own home and watching football on TV.

After surviving a serious car accident, Bryce was left with acquired disabilities. Determined to not let this stop him from living his life as independently as possible, Bryce began his journey with Interchange to find a good fit for his wants and needs.

Initially Bryce lived with his parents with a 24/7 support worker and his family home was modified to meet his personal needs. Living with his parents provided him with the love and support he needed to develop strategies to live as independently as possible.

After living with his parents and developing skills to bolster his independence, the idea of moving out of his parent’s house and into his own appealed greatly to him.

Bryce wanted more experiences in his life than a group home could offer, he wanted to share his life and interests with someone who felt the same way.

Due to his significant needs for care and support, a live-in companion was found to be the best fit after 6 months of deliberation with Bryce, his family and support team.

The first program of its kind, Bryce now lives in his own home supported, loved and cared for by his carer family. He’s said this new home lifestyle has taken pressure away from him and he now feels safe and secure with his own level of independence.

Through his time with Interchange, Bryce has said this is the first time he has felt heard and he can still do the things he loves. His hobbies include quality time with his dog Molly, online gaming and socialising on Facebook.

As for what Bryce sees in his future, he’s keen to write his story and share his experiences


Family is important to the Welch family and thanks to the addition of Bryce’s carer family, their love and support for Bryce is endless.

Bryce’s Mum Judy knew about his desire to live independently but was concerned about what would happen if something unexpected happened and he needed assistance. After all, it’s a parent’s job to worry.

Thankfully Bryce’s live in carer family means that she no longer has to worry about the unexpected.

She knows that he is well cared for, loved and supported whilst maintaining his own level of independence.

The process of finding the right companion was no mean feat, but Judy is incredibly happy with Maureen’s family providing the support Bryce needs, he has people to share his home with and his life journey. Regularly sharing meals and quality time together, Judy says they’re a delight to deal with and just like family


Maureen, originally from South Africa, arrived in Perth with her adult son who has Down Syndrome.

Through a mutual friend, she was introduced to Bryce and his mum.

It wasn’t long before Maureen realised that her and her son might be a good match as Shared Lives Companions for Bryce. They came to Interchange to find out their options.

After a consultation period and gradual transition into the shared living arrangements, every effort was made to make sure everyone was comfortable.

Maureen, her husband and son have formed an incredible bond with Bryce and says their relationship feels more like companionship than care.

Because of Interchange – Bryce and Maureen’s family now live together in a suitable home, sharing their lives and common experiences