Customers become public speaking Champions

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Coach explains the importance of listening A group of four customers from three Interchange Service Centres have dramatically improved their confidence and presentation skills through the completion of an Interchange Customer Champion public speaking program.

The program pilot was a first for Interchange, with the participants sponsored to complete the two month program with the support of their key Community Facilitators.

Ben Chivers practising his presentationInterchange employed a public speaking coach to develop and deliver the bespoke program, which was designed to bring participants to a level where they could confidently share their story in an engaging way, with a large audience.

Everyone who went through the program did it for different reasons; Ben Chivers did it so that he could share his story with school students and educate them about the risks of drinking and drug abuse, whereas Eloise Bolam wanted to get to a place where she felt comfortable talking to people about her small business.

Don Rogers at the podiumWhatever the motivation, the program was both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Everyone worked hard to overcome their own demons and they visibly improved with each and every session they attended.

Thank you to customers Ben Chivers, Eloise Bolam, Michael Gray and Don Rogers for becoming the first Interchange Customer Champions.  An awesome goal achieved and a step towards the next challenge – taking what they’ve learned and putting it into practice!

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