Kicking Goals

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Daniel is a young man with a goal and the passion to make it happen. An avid sport lover and football enthusiast, Daniel knew that he wanted to find meaningful volunteer opportunities with a sports focus.

After finishing school, Daniel and his father Mark worked together to find a service provider who would help David connect with his true calling and place in his community.

Both Daniel and his father share a passion for sport and together they currently run the East Freo Footy Club’s scoreboard at matches – sharing the excitement and passion of their sport with each other and their local community.

After realising his dream of combining his passion for sport with his goal of finding a volunteer role, Daniel now spends one day a week volunteering at Rebel Sports. He also spends another day during the week enjoying social interaction with a support group facilitated by Interchange.

This social interaction is an important part of Daniel’s journey and helps him to develop meaningful connections.

Whilst Daniel is faced with many challenges in his life, his clarity about what is important to him, and the active involvement and input by people who know him best, has helped Interchange to plan and connect with opportunities that has seen Daniel make incredible progress and we are all excited to see what the future holds for him.


David has been with Interchange since 2014 when he was volunteering and
was subsequently employed in 2016. He met Daniel in February 2018 and credits their relationship with a change in approach to life. Over the past 6 months their friendship has blossomed and they have made great progress together.

“Daniel is nowhere near as shy as he was. He no longer mumbles and now speaks to other people directly.”

Daniel is a very bright, fun and enthusiastic person who is always happy and is always willing to learn something new. Together they have worked with the Interchange support team and made great roads to helping Daniel find his place in his community.

“Daniel could end up anywhere he chooses to be in the future…though that will probably still have something to do with sport.”


Mark and his son Daniel have an incredibly close relationship, they are each other’s best friends. The quality time Mark gets to spend with Daniel whilst running the score board at the football club, is the highlight of his week.

The understanding and close bond Mark has with his son has been valuable insight into how Interchange and Daniel’s support workers have got to know Daniel. By knowing Daniel as his father knows Daniel, Interchange has been able to build on his strengths and needs, and importantly help him to connect with opportunities that he really enjoys.

Appreciative of the support and guidance of the Interchange team, Mark knows that the future ahead for Daniel is an exciting and promising one.