We Think You Are Awesome – Gerri Walton

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I had a car crash in 2013 and couldn’t walk for nearly a year. I got around in a wheelchair or was carried around in the house by my partner. I realised how difficult it must be for others who had to live like that permanently. So I wanted to give something back.

Support Worker Gerri Walton from our Osborne Park Neighbourhood has been heralded as a great role model to the people we support, and the people who support them.

Back in 2013, Gerri was involved in a car accident that she quoted put things into perspective for her. She learned what it was like to use a wheelchair, be dependent on someone, and not having the means to do things herself, even resorting to scooting around on her bottom if she was on her own. Gerri understood how difficult it must be for others who may have lived their entire life confined to a wheelchair, and wanted to give back to the community that helped her.

I enjoy supporting people with disabilities because I know it’s appreciated. It can be challenging but i like to think that I’m contributing to their life being fuller.

Gerri has been with Interchange for 5 years now, and says the transition the sector has undergone from DSC to NDIS has not been without challenges. What has kept Gerri going, however, is the fun, supportive and unique team she works with at the Osborne Park Neighbourhood And the people she supports. Driven by the motto “treat others as you would like to be treated” Gerri strives to simply be herself with people with disabilities .

Just be yourself – be how you would be around your friends. I’m probably a bit cheeky but that’s just me and it works. Also treat everyone as you would like to see your mother ,brother or child being treated.

When not being awesome at Interchange, Gerri loves spending time with her family – 2 supportive sons who work hard, and three gorgeous grandchildren that keep her on her toes. When given the opportunity for some downtime, Gerri enjoys pottering around the garden, listening to music and reading.

Thank you for being a conscientious, down-to-earth support superstar, Gerri! We think you are AWESOME!