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Jessica with her son Liam (left) and husband Quentin (right).

Jessica has been part of Interchange for a year and a half and her role has constantly progressed in that time. She is now a Customer Experience Lead for the teams in the northern neighbourhoods, taking care of several behind-the-scenes tasks to support her team and customers.

She says that caring, being compassionate, understanding and supporting others is in her nature, which is why Jessica began working in aged care after leaving school and throughout the years has found herself moving into the disability sector. She finds the work challenging but also very rewarding, which is what motivates her daily.

The fact that you have the opportunity to improve a person’s quality of life no matter how big or small the changes may be. You can celebrate people’s individuality and help them live their best lives.

Jessica finds that working with and helping people with disability to live a good life comes with many joys. Working alongside the directly supporting team, who brings the customer lots of empowerment and respect and the delivery of a holistic approach in their services is something Jess truly appreciates and enjoys.

In our teams, everyone pitches in and comes together to build a strong support network around a person and their family. What better way to live life, then being surrounded by dedicated, caring, supportive people?

When first starting with Interchange Jess instantly was greeted with friendly faces and professional staff. She realised that Interchange is always working towards improving the experience for both customers and staff.

I enjoy working for Interchange as I believe they live and breathe their values.

When it comes to sliding into her advocating role she stresses how important it is for people to be seen for their abilities, not their disabilities.

People who face challenges do not need easy, they need possible.

And those possibilities will look different for everyone. Which is why Individuality is one of Jessica’s most important Interchange values. It is important to her to value people for who they are, not who we believe they should be.

I hold the value Individuality dear to me as it takes some time to find out who you are and what you believe as a person. You need to be supported to have the space to do this. At Interchange having this as a value is encouraging people to remember everyone has the right to have choice and control about who they are and what they want in life.

Jessica’s motto in life is: That there are no mistakes – only lessons. Learn from them and you will be fruitful.

I can always count on my son to bring the deepest joy. His smile or a win he has, no matter the size, fills my heart beyond words.

Her family and friends are really important to her as they have given her the tools and support she needed to grow and become the person Jess is today.

We wanted to hear from Jess about something most people do not know about her and she said:

 I own a New Age market stall business and run workshops in beading and assist people to make sensory items for their children who are sensory seeking.

In her free time she enjoys arts and crafts, macrame, beading, dream catchers and planting succulent gardens. She loves to be involved with the community and chat to people who come down and have a look around on event days.


Thank you, Jessica. We think you are awesome!

Our awesome staff bring passion and commitment to their vital roles. We think they are amazing – but the best feedback is always the one coming directly from you.

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