We Think You Are Awesome – Kaylene Wilson

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Kaylene – a name that instills both fear (“Oh no, what have I stuffed up?!”) and relief (“Yes! I’ve been paid!”) at the same time.  

Ask anyone at Interchange – when they receive a call or email from Kaylene, Interchange’s Payroll & Accounts Manager, they squeeze their eyes shut and pray she’s not chasing up the results of one of her infamous 9am deadlines!  

But really, Kaylene is the sweetest, calmest person. Always answering the phone with a chipper “hello, how are you!”, she is prompt, clear, and solution-focused. This superstar has been an integral part of the Interchange family for just over 14 years. Everyone acknowledges the importance of her job and wants to ensure they do things correctly as a lot of what Interchange does hinges on Kaylene. Talk about pressure!

When asked what brought Kaylene to the sector, she answered it wasn’t a conscious decision. After joining Interchange in 2005, Kaylene continued from 1 day a week to full-time, driven by the desire to make customers’ lives better. While not physically supporting people, Kaylene offers the people we support safe and correct environments and facilities through managing accounts to ensure smooth support services. 

Inspired by positive people Kaylene lives by the motto “try to be the best person you can be.” As people can only praise and say wonderful things about her, we’d say Kaylene is living well above that. 

When not being awesome at Interchange, Kaylene enjoys spending time with family and friends, whether that be travelling, reading, movies, or enjoying a champs. Thank you for being the backbone of the organisation, Kaylene.  

We appreciate you, and think you are AWESOME!