We think you are Awesome – Suzanne Fitzgerald

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I have witnessed people with disabilities out in the community with their support workers, and the look on their faces of being included radiates joy – it’s amazing. I wanted to be one of those fabulous people who brings that look to someone’s face.

These are the heartfelt words of Suzanne Fitzgerald. The Support Worker has been with Interchange for almost two years now, marvelling at the skills learned, and opportunities to develop further provided by Interchange. Based in our Rockingham Neighbourhood, Suzanne elates she was made to feel like a team member the minute she walked through the door.

The Rockingham team is like family to her. This is such positive feedback, and certainly not the first time we’ve heard this about  our wonderful Rockingham Neighbourhood.

Suzanne enjoys working with people living with a disability and seeing them achieve their goals. She researches the best ways to do this that are meaningful to the person she supports, and shares the knowledge with others around her. By providing guidance and support, Suzanne believes a persons’ capacity to achieve is greatly expanded. Not one to judge a person by how they look or act, Suzanne encourages others to look at what the person can do, rather than what they cannot. 

Suzanne’s can to attitude is not only appreciated by fellow staff members but also by the people we support.

Suzanne has been so amazing and supportive. I am so grateful to have her helping me and if other staff are anything like her Interchange are very lucky to have such amazing staff. – Customer Interchange WA

When not being awesome at Interchange, Suzanne enjoys hanging out with family and friends, and indulging in a good movie. The most important thing to Suzanne is her children and grandchildren – the love and support they, as well as her friends give her, reassures Suzanne she can do anything.

Thank you for supporting others, the way you feel supported, Suzanne. 

We think you are Awesome! 


If you know a great support worker and would like to nominate them for our ‘I Think You Are Awesome’ campaign please let us know on hello@interchangewa.org.au