Stories of Interchange – Go Tracey Go

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Cyclist Tracey from our Mandurah Neighbourhood has a story to share with you. A story of her determination, strength, overcoming challenges and smashing her goals.

In October 2020, strong pain has led to a diagnosis that required Tracey to have surgery on her back. Healing post-surgery was challenging but Tracey knew, she would never give up chasing her goals.

I don’t look at my life going – ‘poor me’. I never let a challenge stop me or lose faith.

Through her great determination, positive mindset and with a little help of her Support Workers, the independent women is back in the saddle way sooner than anyone anticipated and goes from strong to stronger.

I am determined to push through and get on with it.

Talking about smashing goals. What an incredible achievement.

Congratulations Tracey. Well done!


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