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Emily and Toni doing arts and crafts together.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day, is Toni Davis’ life motto and she lives with the principles of Love, Peace and Happiness daily.

By accident, is how our brilliant Support Worker, got introduced to the disability sector, almost eight years ago – and not only she is glad that she did, but so are we.

Her day-to-day work is inspired by the very different people she supports, seeing them live a happy and fulfilled life. Everyone will need a different level of support and all relationships created are distinct, due to very individual personalities.

It is only a matter of taking the time to get to know a person. I am inspired by the beautiful world and people around me.

Toni really enjoys her work, especially since it means ‘hanging out’ with really cool people. She always thrives to be happy and to spread her happiness to others.

Her pillar in life are her gorgeous family and supportive friends, who she loves to spend time with. And if Toni is not playing music, creating art, traveling through Australia, or dancing at a music festival, she is probably gardening, camping, out for a walk in the bush or at the beach.

These past eight years are filled with incredible and memorable moments and she would not want to miss them for the world. Just as much as we would not want to miss Toni being a part of our team.

Thank you, Toni – We Think You Are AWESOME.

Our awesome staff bring passion and commitment to their vital roles. We think they are amazing – but the best feedback is always the one coming directly from you.

Would you like to acknowledge your Interchange support staff for the great work they do? It’s easy – just nominate them for our iThink You Are Awesome Award HERE or write us an email to hello@interchangewa.org.au


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